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Do You Use Micro SD Cards in a CCTV System or Car Dashcam?

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If so then you may not know, that memory cards are more likely to wear out in these devices.

Many do not realise that it is even possible for a memory card to wear out, which is a reasonable assumption to make as they do not contain any moving parts.

However, the manufacturers do know this, and for years the main brands have boasted about different features, one such feature was wear levelling.

If you use a memory card for a 100 photos for example, then format it, use it for 100 photos again and format it and repeat, you would only ever to use the first bit of the memory card. So to prevent that first bit becoming worn out, memory cards with this "Wear-Levelling" feature would scatter those 100 photos around the card, so 100% of the storage in the card would be used over time, extending its life.

I will admit when I first saw this feature years ago I was surprise because I didn't think it mattered because they don't 'wear'. Well they do apparently.

Another thing I have seen is the odd clause or two in the manufacturer warranties, which may read something along the lines of "10 year guarantee, (except when used in a camera surveillance system)". This is because CCTV and dashcams etc really do punish a memory card, they are using 100% of the storage, again and again as they consistently loop record.

Such a clause Is because the memory cards will wear out sooner with this type of use.

Thankfully SanDisk have released a new range of microSDHC and microSDXC memory cards specifically for dash cams and home security cameras etc.

SanDisk guarantee these new HIGH ENDURANCE VIDEO MONITORING CARDs for 10,000 hours of Full HD Video for the 64GB or 5,000 hours for the 32GB.

They aren't the fastest memory card available, they aren't UHS-I rated nevermind UHS-II. They are rated Class 10, but on the good side being rated at 20MB/s for both read and write, and it's all you need for such a system. The SD Association state Class 10 being good enough for Full HD Video, click here to read more.

So, we really do recommend one of these cards for your CCTV or dash cam so you can rest assured your footage will be retrievable when its needed. If you use a cheap card, or a card not up to constant loop recording then your camera has been a waste of time and money if your footage is corrupt or lost thanks to a bad memory card.

Click here for the 64GB version and replace every year.

Click here for the 32GB version and replace every 6 months.

When your footage is important, don't fit and forget memory cards, treat them as a maintenance item which can wear out with use. Replace every year for the 64GB version or every 6 months for the 32GB to be assured important video footage is safe.


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